Timeless knitting patterns for old souls and young hearts.

With over a decade of knitting experience that includes teaching, sales, hand-dying, spinning and more, b.Woolens marks the start of a adventurous new phase of my relationship with fiber-arts.

My hope is that this line will be a reflection of my own life experience  – my environment here in the beautiful about b.WoolensWillamette Valley, my passion for history, art, literature and classic style, as well as my enthusiasm for all things practical and cozy. As a self-taught and a teacher, I also want to create designs that are easy to follow and provide the resources to try new skills and to learn new techniques. My patterns are created with the hope that they will become beloved heirlooms to be cherished and appreciated for generations. Knitting is a powerful skill…as knitters we are equipped with the ability to (literally) wrap ourselves — and others in warmth and love. The time and care that goes into any hand-knit garment makes it a special item indeed, it is with this truth in mind that I have designed all of my patterns. Timeless style, quality materials, and accessibility are the qualities that shape my work. Of course, this is a learning process for me, and feedback is always helpful and appreciated! Please contact me if you have questions or thoughts about any of my designs!

Happy Knitting!